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The adventure of exploring new worlds  has shaped my life. 

About Me

Steve Noble is a professional wildlife and nature photographer, teacher and lecturer. For the last 35 years Steve Noble has traveled the globe to experience and to photograph unique “Moments in Time”.  


The quest to experience the wonders of nature has taken Steve to many of the earths most fascinating places; The Great Pyramids of Egypt, the crystal clear waters of Bora Bora, the thundering cascades of Victoria Falls in Africa, to name just a few. He has been fortunate to spend time at base camp photographing climbers as they begin their trek to summit Mount Denali and to witness the sun rising over the monolithic stones of Stonehenge on the morning of the summer solstice.


Steve Noble is a sought after lecturer and teacher. He has conducted numerous photographic workshops around the world to thousands of individuals seeking to improve their photographic skills. Steve teaches photography and Adobe Photoshop in his home town at Western Nevada Community College in Gardnerville Nevada. He is a teacher who knows how to communicate even the most complex topics in a simple and understandable fashion. Steve’s lectures are visually stimulating, and spiced with a good deal of humor. He employs an interactive lecturing approach that draws his listeners in to actively participate in the learning process.

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Steve Noble

(775) 434-5552

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