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Tapir Lodge - Ecuador

Deep in the Amazon Jungle

DSC00403_4_5 Panorama.jpg

Deep in the Amazon Jungle you'll find Tapir Lodge. Just getting there is an adventure! There are no roads. A 3 hour scenic boat ride with abundant wildlife a long the way is our introdution to Tapir Lodge. The owner wanted us to document what guests would experience on their 3 day 4 night tour.

Day 1

Hiking in the Amazon rainforest we are imeadiatly struct by the diverdity and the abundance of life. Gigantic prehistoric leaves, boot sucking mud and beautifuly camoflaged stick insects are encountered on our journey. We end the day with a sureal canoe paddle on mirror lake where the water and the sky were one.

Day 2

Leaf cutter ants and giant Anacondas are encountered on our journey to the Siona village. We are treated to a demonstration of how to make Manioc (the bread of the village). We visit the giant sacred tree which is an integral part of the Sionan culture and mythology. The Shaman delivers ayahuasca to a volunteer during a ritual ceremony. 

Day 3

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