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Complete Finished Video Package


We will capture the uniqueness of your property and showcase its beauty in stunning 4k resolution.  With the "Complete Package"  we do all he work from start to finish. You will have a finished video with sound, titles, and contact information. We will capture all the photos and the videos and assemble them into a storyboard. We will then add our post production magic to enhance your video to acheave maximum impact. We will transform a simingly random collection of photos and videos into a powerful cinematic experience with a message. Our goal will be to help you to increase your bookings. This is best acheaved with creative photograpghy and superior post production skills. 

Complete Finished Video Package -$2800

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This package includes:

*Property evaluation to determine the most       adventageuos  perspectives

*Shooting numerous scenes from various vantage points

*Uploading the finished video to the internet to facilite   easy distribution.


Interior Photography Package


Includes HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. HDR photography provides the perfect exposure of  the interior room as well as the perfect exposure of view through windows. We accomplish this by taking numerous photos of the same scene but at different exposure values ranging from very light to very dark. We then combine the ideal expoures to create a stunning image. Up to 3 rooms: $285

Additional rooms $75 each

Aerial Photos

We use state of the art aerial video equipment to place our camera in precisely the right position to capture the most attractive views of your property.

Approximaitley 6 photos from several unique perspectives - $285

Additional Hourely Rate - $125

Aerial Videos

Each project is custom taylored to meet your needs.

Setup - Planning and up to three seperate drone flights - $425

Additional Hourely Rate - $125

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